Don't Move, Honey

Anonymous asked: how goodlooking were they when you saw them? (5sos) like could you describe? xx

Incredibly. Like more attractive than the most attractive you can imagine them being. My main observations on each of them were…

Luke: WAAAAAY taller than I thought he could possibly be, and really really sweet and considerate of the fans.

Michael: SO HOT AND CARING and just a really normal person you know. And he talked to me and called me babe so he was significantly boosted in my books.

Ashton: well it was during all that drama so Ash was a bit quiet and subdued and I don’t think his usual self (but he had REALLY muscular arms and shoulders and this was very appreciated;)

Calum: HIS ARMS. OH GOD. And he was a bit cockier than I thought he’d be but like hot cocky not douche cocky. And also very interactive and casual, all the while knowing how fucking perfect he is

heroinhxmmo asked: hiiii i dont want to be annoying but im accepting prompts for 5sos preferences now and i was hoping you could please let your followers know? sorry for bothering you xxx

Go request guys!!! x


These are pictures from the Innsbruck (that’s in Austria) 5SOS-Fam Meet-Up!

It was so much fun although a lot of people couldn’t come we had a great time and i made a l lot of new friends!!

We also made a video for 5sos!

I really hope we can repeat that and I am looking forward to seeing you guys again!! 

Here’s the video: xx

hemmosbooty 5sosimagineonion 5sospizzapieces ilywhereveryouare 


GUYS. we have our own game on our website ! if you eat all the dots you might hear something in the background ;) & find some stuff hidden in the maze #Hungry5SOSimage

Anonymous asked: does luke really look as tall as everyone makes him out to be in person?

YES. That, and how good he smelt, were the two things that I was like wow how is that even possible? He’s the kind of tall that is daunting when someone’s looking down at you and it’s sO HOT.

Anonymous asked: what do you do to keep toned and fit? like workouts or eating? your stomach looks really great in those pictures :')

Aw thankyou :)) I try to eat fairly clean (not too much sugar or salt in my diet) and I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and run/walk! I also ride my bike a lot. Just simple things to keep healthy xx

Best of the best.

All I Need - 5 Seconds of Summer x